Joe Meek Colour photographs

Joe Meek was a legendary Record producer from the 1960s, producing such classic recordings as "Telstar" by The Tornados, "Johnny Remember me" by John Leyton, "Have I The Right" by The Honeycombs and "Tribute To Buddy Holly" by Mike Berry &The Outlaws. 

Joe's recordings were made at 304 Holloway Road, London, where he converted 3 floors above a leather goods shop, into his studio and home. creating sounds unheard of, using equipement which he made himself, and modified to achieve the sound he wanted.

Since his death in 1967, his reputation has grown, where today he is recognised by the music industry as the inovator of the recording equipement and studio techniques that  record producers, artists and musicians, accept as standard today. 

I knew Joe in 1965/66 as a friend, also as record producer to a group I managed called Dannys Passion  and during that time, was fortunate to take 3 colour photographs of Joe. These remain the only genuine colour photos of Joe, and as such, have appeared in the BBC documentary "The Legendary Joe Meek" and on CD covers, and many magazines and newspapers around the world.

These photographs, are now available and can be licenced for use by the media either through Getty Images  at or direct from me at